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We are here to provide real world healthy living advice for the every day family.

We believe in family dinners, clean eating, experience over stuff, greener living and finding the balance.


We’re Stef and Rob and we are a husband and wife team. When we aren’t running yourhealthyfamilycoach.com Rob works in corporate accounting and Stef raises our 4 children (that’s right, I said 4!)

After our 3rd child was born, we really hit a low point as a family. Between our new baby, Ella’s, “colic”, constant irritability and developmental delays, in addition to raising the 2 kids we already had and Rob being stuck in a job he hated that worked him like a dog, we couldn’t have been in a more terrible place.

Eventually Ella was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, anxiety, OCD and sensory processing disorder, all before the age of 4. Her journey led our entire family on a path to the realization of how what we eat affects our entire body and mind.

Today we enjoy a clean lifestyle and are ready to share all of our realistic, doable tips and tricks to get your kids eating healthier.

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