Who is Your Healthy Family Coach?

There’s actually 2 of us! We’re Stef and Rob and we are a husband and wife team offer Health Coaching and Financial Coaching.

We believe in putting family first, experience over stuff, less stress and more happy and letting your money work for you. 



We have been married about 12 years and so far have managed to survive raising 4 kids. We say “so far” because we are certainly still in the trenches of parenting and have a long way to go.

Our tween son is our first born son and the only boy, he is crazy smart and challenges us as parents every single day. Our mission is to get him off his ipad and engaged in life!

We have a 7 year old daughter, who is the oldest of our girls. She has always been our sunshine, exuding happiness, joy and huge smiles. She was so easy to raise as a baby and toddler, we said, “why not another?!”

Our “why not” became a beautiful little blonde cutie that is the most stubborn and persistent child of the lot. When she was less than 2, we found out that she had developmental delays, special needs and Celiac Disease.

She has taught us the most about the importance of family, parenting, and healthier living and balancing that with professional life, and is a large reason that Stef set out to become a Functional Medicine Health Coach and I decided to take my corporate tax and finance experience and start my own practice.

And then!!!  Yet again!!! We said “why not another?!”

While the pregnancy did a hell of a number on Stef, thank God, baby #4 turned out with a great temperament and all the kids love her.

Our 4th is a 2 year old who we affectionately call “Gator” (I’m sure that story will show up in a blog post at some point), is a cute little curly haired devil that I think rounds out our family perfectly.

Our goal as coaches and with this blog is to share our experiences as a family, allow others to share their experiences and opinions, and provide a valuable resource for all families out there who want to live better in every way.

Meet The Coaches



I am a busy mom of four, aspiring Functional Medicine Health Coach  and student at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy who has struggled with severe anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, PPD, and debilitating, chronic back pain until I found a clean eating, paleo lifestyle. 

After the birth of my 4th baby, I was a mess. I was in constant pain and could barely walk down the block. My anxiety was taking control of my life. I was depressed, worried and struggling to manage a newborn plus 3 other children including one with special needs. I happened upon the Whole30 diet, tried it and it was truly life changing!! (you can read more about that here)

The back pain that had plagued me for years was just about gone and for the first time that I could remember, I wasn’t worried… all day long about everything. I stopped envisioning every single dooms day scenario out there and started feeling optimistic and energized.

I realized that we truly are what we eat and saw that food really can be our medicine. I knew I had to get my whole family eating better. It wasn’t easy but the effects were amazing.

Following a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, whole food diet helped our special needs daughter tremendously. Changing her diet completely changed her path (you can read about that here).

I am here to share my experience in gluten free living, paleo eating, the Whole30healthier cooking, special needs parenting, raising a large family and clean living to help all of you live better every day.

I offer health coaching at affordable rates because I want to make healthy living attainable to as many families as possible. 



Hi, I’m Rob, CPA at Against The Grain Accounting & Finance, co-blogger at Your Healthy Family Coach,  father to 4, husband to 1, and down-right exhausted.

I believe in putting family first and am on a mission to help other dads and husbands out there with parenting and marriage tips from the lessons I’ve learned and struggles I’ve endured over the years. I want to help all of you have a healthier and stronger marriage.

One thing that my years of parenting and marriage has taught me is that working long hours outside of the house takes a toll on your family. That why  I decided leave my job in corporate accounting to work from home and spend more time with my family!

Using my experience as a Certified Public Accountant for many years, I want to help other parents looking to start their own business and attain financial freedom so they too can focus more time and energy on their kids and their marriage. I also want to help every family have healthier finances by offering simple and easy, real world budgeting tips and ways to make and save money.

Through my CPA firm, Against the Grain Accounting & Finance, offer a full line of accounting and tax services for small businesses as well as individuals and I offer my own unique financial coaching program designed to help parents just like you break away from your job and attain the financial freedom you need.

What to Expect

We combine  our experience raising four kids, including one with special needs, our education and our training to bring you Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Financial Services & Coaching and an active blog to help you and your family live better every day!

We believe that getting your family healthier doesn’t have to be hard. We focus on offering tips, advice, recipes and ideas that are simple, practical and realistic for every family.  We want to help you implement healthier changes that are sustainable in the long run and will help you reach your health, wellness, parenting and financial goals. 

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I’m Rob, CPA at Against the Grain Accounting & Finance, co-blogger at Your Healthy Family Coah, father to 4, husband to 1, and down-right exhausted. I believe in putting family first and am on a mission to help every family live better. I want to help all of you save money, make more money and have your money work for you so you can finally attain the financial freedom you have been looking for.