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Taxes and your MLM – What you need to know!

If you’re one of the thousands of people that are trying your hand at selling an MLM product like Arbonne, doTerra, LuLaRoe, or Young Living, you probably are doing so in the hopes of making money to improve your life. You might be just looking for extra spending money, or to help pay the bills while your home with the kids, or even to eventually make enough to quit your day job. You’re spending a bunch of time having parties, posting on Facebook, figuring out how to market and sell your product and get other sellers to work with...

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Budget Tips for Bloggers

Everyone who starts a blog, MLM, or any side business does so for many different reasons. Some are hoping to make income because they NEED it to pay their bills every month. Some are hoping to make extra spending money or to go on vacation. Others want to be self-employed, quit their 9-5, and travel the world. And there are even some that just want to do it as a hobby because they love writing and want to share things with the world! Whichever group you fall into you’re going to be spending money at some point on your...

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Taxes for Bloggers (or Any Side Hustle) – FAQ’s

  So, you’ve started your blog or a side business, you spent some money getting it up and running with the hopes of making some money, and maybe you’ve even made a few bucks. Now that its coming up on tax season, you might be thinking “Do I have to pay taxes on the money I made” or “Can I use what I spent on my side business to lower my taxes”. As an accountant who has worked with a ton of people earning a side income, trying to start small businesses, freelancers, etc, I’ve gotten tons of questions...

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5 Things Parents Must Stop Doing For Their Kids

Facebook Follow Instagram Follow This is one of those things that I suck at. I have to constantly remind myself to take a deep breath, step back, and let (or make) my kids do some things themselves. It’s just so much easier at that moment your making their sandwich or tying there shoes to just do it yourself. The problem is, doing it yourself just means you will always be making their sandwich or tying there shoes. Those 2 minutes you save today doing something yourself will only cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of minutes over the next...

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32 Super Simple Ways to Save Money Every Month

It is crazy expensive having kids!! From diapers and formula, to daycare and babysitters the costs are out of control. Even the basics like food and clothes added a ton to your monthly expenses compared to before. And I think its safe to say that most of us aren’t millionaires that can just spend and spend and spend. Some of us are barely paying the bills each month. Others can pay the bills but can’t afford the little extras like going out to eat, buying new clothes, or going on a vacation. And some might be able to cover...

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Who Is Your Healthy Family Coach

He’s a CPA and she’s a Health Coach. Together they help you live better. We offer expert advice to better your life. From tips on saving money and  preparing your income taxes to meditation, living gluten free and the paleo diet, we are here to provide you with information to help you live your best life.

We offer health & wellness coaching, financial coaching and tax services as well as a variety of free tips, recipes, information and resources.

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