As a student at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, I am learning how to help others achieve their health and wellness goals.

As a wife and mom of four young children who have dietary restrictions, I have experienced first hand the challenges of staying healthy while juggling the demands of work and family and the unique challenges posed by children with food allergies, food intolerances and  dietary restrictions due to autoimmune disease and/or special needs.

As a sufferer of severe anxiety, depression, chronic pain, OCD and hypothyroidism, I have learned the benefits of nutrition and holistic living.

That is why I created my own health coaching program geared towards families, especially those faced with the challenges of dietary restrictions, that focuses on incorporating the entire family, kids and all.

I can help you and your family assess your health and wellness needs, incorporate food allergies and dietary restrictions into your lifestyle and set you on a path to achieve your short and long term  goals.


  • Health Coaching
  • Paleo Eating Planning & Support
  • Gluten Free Meal Planning & Support
  • Holistic Living Guidance & Support
  • Free Recipes, Whole30 Advice, Tips & Inspiration

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What are your credentials?

I am a student at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and will soon be a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business & Health Administration as well as a Certification in Human Resources. I have spent many years working in corporate Human Resources specializing in employee wellness and health benefits.  As a parent, I have experience in raising special needs children and handling children with multiple food allergies and intolerances.


What is functional medicine health coaching?

Functional Medicine is a model of care that addresses the underlying causes of disease and considers the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. As your Health Coach, I will provide you with the understanding of nutrition, the mind-body connection and positive psychology. We will create plan to meet your health goals, improve your sleep and energy and to help in preventing or reversing chronic conditions.


Are your coaching services in person, what if I do not live near you?

I offer both virtual and in-person health coaching services. Through the use of technology like Skype and Facetime, I am able to connect with clients from anywhere at any time.


What can I expect from a coaching session?

My health coaching is tailored to each individual client however a typical coaching session lasts 30 minutes and includes weekly goal tracking, a discussion of obstacles and struggles, biometric and symptoms tracking and new goal setting. Initial coaching consultations are 60 minutes and include an in-depth current health assessment, discussion of your current lifestyle, goal setting and the establishment of a coaching plan.


How long until I see results?

My goal is for my clients to see immediate health benefits and my intent is to provide you with strategies to help you start getting healthy immediately. Depending on your current lifestyle, changes can be felt in as little as a few days or as long as a month.


How much does coaching cost?

I offer a variety of packages to fit as many budgets as possible. For as little as $75, you can begin your path to better health. You can find my pricing here.


What nutritional plan do you endorse?

I do not force my clients to adopt any specific nutritional plan however I specialize in gluten free, paleo and whole30 diets. I advocate a personalized approach to nutrition that is rooted in the principle that food is medicine. Because whole, real foods embody the life force that brings health, energy, and vitality, I focus on teaching my clients foods’ healing properties and emphasize the power of cooking. I will teach you which foods create toxic or inflammatory effects and help you develop a plan to remove them from your family’s diet.


Do I have to exercise?

We all know that exercise does a body good however my coaching is completely tailored to each individual client and may or may not include exercise depending on the client’s desires. As an end goal, I try to teach all clients how to incorporate some level of exercise in their lives.


Please contact me if you are interested in Health Coaching services or even if you just have a question.

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I am a busy mom of four and aspiring functional medicine and wellness coach who has struggled with severe anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, PPD, and debilitating, chronic back pain until I found a clean eating, paleo lifestyle. I am here to share my experience in gluten free living, paleo eating, the Whole30, healthier cooking, special needs parenting, raising a large family and clean living to help all of you live better every day.