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the whole30 and womans body

When I started my first Whole30, I had no idea about some of the changes that would happen to my body. I had done tons of research, read a bunch of stories of people blogging the details of their Whole30 journeys and nothing mentioned some of the things my body went through. the whole30 and a womans body- what to expect I was expecting tons of digestive ups and downs, like bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation (you may have heard in our podcasts that we affectionately call this the “poop rollercoaster”) and changes in my energy, sleep and mental state but I was not expecting changes in my monthly visit from Aunt Flo or to anything do with my nether regions for that matter.  Nobody talked about anything of those things happening to them!   So, when I went through my Whole30 and things started changing in unexpected ways, I started almost panicking (which is not a surprise considering I panic over everything) and thinking I was the only one whose body had gone mad on the Whole30. Then I joined a couple of Facebook Whole30 Support groups and saw post after post from women asking if the things the strange, never mentioned things that were happening to them were normal and I realized that I was not alone. The Whole30 changes A LOT and I’m not just talking digestively. Here are some the unexpected changes I experienced over the course of my 4 rounds of Whole30:

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  1. Erratic Periods: My periods went crazy PERIOD. I had always been regular so this really freaked me out but my period was early and HEAVY during my first Whole30. And it stayed heavy for many, many months after my first Whole30. During subsequent Whole30’s, I also experienced spotting between my periods and periods that started, stopped and restarted again. Now, the hypochondriac in me had me running to the ob-gyn in a hurry. I had a variety of tests and everything came back normal so I’m pretty sure Whole30 is the culprit to these period issues. If your period is all over the place, even for a few months AFTER your Whole30, you most likely don’t need to panic. It is just your body adjusting to the removal of hormone disrupters like dairy, soy and sugar.

whole30 and a woman's body- what you can expect 2. My boobs got BIGGER: This still has me baffled but my boobs got fuller and larger during the Whole30 and even after I finished. Once again, this had me really worried because I had heard no mention of growing breasts anywhere from anyone. I did find several claims on google that women who went paleo had their breasts get bigger but people questioned the validity of their claims. I am here to tell you that it is true! Since starting my Whole30 journey and remaining paleo in between, my boobs have shot up a cup size. My doc suspects that my endocrine system is functioning more efficiently and making more estrogen. Best Personal Products To Support Your Whole30 3. More acne than a tween: I know a lot of people talk about how the Whole30 helped cure their skin issues but for me, Whole30 makes me break out! Before you freak out, I will say it is only temporary. By the end of my Whole30, my skin is usually looking better than ever however for a few weeks, there isn’t enough cover up in the world to help my face.

4. B.O! Like really, really bad B.O: When I first started Whole30, I flat out stunk and I couldn’t find any information about body odor on the Whole30 online. So, if you are sitting there and you completely stink, you are not alone and it WILL pass. I had already been gluten free for years before starting Whole30 and thought I ate pretty healthy and my body still had some super stinky detoxing to do. My natural deodorant was NOT holding up to my Whole30 stench but luckily, a friend suggested Poofy Organics Max Deo and it was a life saver. That’s how I discovered Poofy Organics products which I really love so I guess that awful B.O. ended up being a good thing. whole30 and a woman's body- what you can expect 5. More interest in sex: This is probably due to a combination of factors but the Whole30 really gave our sex life the nudge it needed. With four kids, chronic pain, extreme anxiety and crazy stress, sex was one of the last things on mind…ever. But once I was in the 3rd week of that first Whole30, I was feeling better, lighter, and had a lot less pain and anxiety. I started working out for the first time in a long time and had more energy. My husband was also feeling great and was definitely making an effort to make things happen in the bedroom. One thing was leading to another and more frequently than it had in a long, long time. You can check out Rob’s post on the Whole30 and sex from a man’s perspective right here. These are just a few of the changes that I went through during the Whole30 that I wasn’t expecting at all. Some of the other things I experienced like acid reflux that got WORSE before it got better and a serious hemorrhoid flare -up were not exactly anticipated but seemed to make sense to me given the diet change I had made. I hope this post can reach some of you worried googler’s out there who are looking for the TMI changes that the Whole30 has on a woman’s body. You can read Rob’s post on the changes a man can expect during the Whole30 right here. Be sure to check out some of our whole30 recipes and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more Whole30 ideas, information and inspiration.

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