On this page you will find posts, information, tips and recipes about raising a healthier family, developing a stronger marriage and being healthier parents.

With honest and real world information and tips for moms and for dads, this page will give you tons of advice on raising healthier, happier kids, special needs parenting, less stress and more happy, and finding the balance in all things life.

5 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong with Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be anywhere and everywhere right now. I even noticed that Kohls started carrying a line of them! While its great that people are starting to seek out more natural and less toxic solutions to common ailments, the proper use of essential oils...

5 Things Parents Must Stop Doing For Their Kids

Facebook Instagram This is one of those things that I suck at. I have to constantly remind myself to take a deep breath, step back, and let (or make) my kids do some things themselves. It’s just so much easier at that moment your making their sandwich or tying there...

The Best Paleo Apple Pie Ever

It’s Fall here in the North East which means we are in full apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin everything, mode. There is just something about Fall on the farm that we can’t get enough of.  Of course, with all of those apples in the house, Rob’s mind is on one...

7 Easy Baby Steps To Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

I know that the idea of getting your kids to eat healthy may seem impossible. I know that I used to feel that way for sure. I used to think there was a zero percent chance that my kids eat anything remotely healthy, let alone follow the gluten free, dairy free, soy...

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy

I think we all want healthy kids. But a lot of us don’t know how to get there. Life is crazy and busy and we’re all just trying to get by. Getting the kids ready for school, to dance class, to the doctor when their sick, it seems like there is no time to get to...

One Simple Thing You Can Do Right Now To Raise Healthier Kids

I was scrolling through Facebook today and saw a rant in my local mom’s group about how awful the world has become now that this mom can’t bring in cupcakes or other food based treats for her child’s birthday at school. I saw tons and tons of comments from moms who...

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I am a busy mom of four and aspiring functional medicine and wellness coach who has struggled with severe anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, PPD, and debilitating, chronic back pain until I found a clean eating, paleo lifestyle. I am here to share my experience in gluten free living, paleo eating, the Whole30, healthier cooking, special needs parenting, raising a large family and clean living to help all of you live better every day.

Who Is Your Healthy Family Coach

He’s a CPA and she’s a Health Coach. Together they help you live better. We offer expert advice to better your life. From tips on saving money and  preparing your income taxes to meditation, living gluten free and the paleo diet, we are here to provide you with information to help you live your best life.

We offer health & wellness coaching, financial coaching and tax services as well as a variety of free tips, recipes, information and resources.

Read more about us here.

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