We know that living even a moderately crunchy life like we do can get crazy expensive so we seek out the most budget friendly, yet effective clean & green products and services.

We also know that “clean” and “natural” products are every where nowadays and, being the true skeptics that we are, we carefully research the ingredients of any product we endorse to make sure it truly is green, clean and effective.

We found a small, local company in our area called Poofy Organics that makes the most affordable and effective organic  personal care and cleaning products. We fell in love with Poofy Organics because their products are truly clean and toxin free. Every ingredient listed in their products is something we can easily understand! Not only are they USDA certified organic but they handcrafted in small batches, while still keeping the prices down.

Founded in a mission to help stop rise in breast cancer, they are such an ethical and charitable small business that we signed on to act as independent sales consultants with them. So full disclosure, if you order Poofy Organics products through us, we do earn a small commission that helps support this blog.

Get started in living a toxin free life and check out all the Poofy Organics has to offer.

Keep Baby Healthy, Keep Baby Happy


Poofy Organics full line of organic baby care items will keep baby clean & healthy. Whether you are using the Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath or the Vapor Rub-a-Dub-Dub, you can rest assured that your baby is safe from all the toxic chemicals in other leading baby care products.

Clean Your Home & Enjoy Some Aromatherapy


The Vesta cleaning product line will have you WANTING to clean! With its invigorating mint scent and tough cleaning power, your entire home and your laundry will be fresher and cleaner than ever. Available in all purpose cleaner (great for kitchens/bathrooms and even glass/mirrors), air freshener, dish washing liquid& laundry spray.

Detoxify Your Body & Pamper Yourself

Poofy Organics offers a full line of organic bath & body products as well as cosmetics and hair care essentials. Take your shower to the next level with scented shower steamers or indulge in a creamy body scrub. You will love Poofy Organics spa quality products and you will love their affordable prices even more!

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Stef's Poofy Favorites

Max Deo:

I absolutely love the Max Deo! My absolute favorite scents are Peppy Mint and Sweet Lemongrass but I also like the Lavender Chamomile as well. Before I found Max Deo, I tried Arbonne’s Pure Mint deodorant, Schmidt’s and Native. None of the others worked nearly as well as the Max Deo. I don’t even have to reapply it like I did the others and it holds up when I am running or working out! This really is the best deodorant with the cleanest ingredients!

Anti- Lotion Stick:

This lotion stick is the best! It keeps us from getting sick and with 4 kids going to school and day care, we need all the help we can get. I always put some on our hands at the start of the day to activate our immune systems and ward off viruses. Its also a great lotion and keeps our hands from getting dry and cracked in the winter. It smells great as well!

Flawless Face:

If you have read my posts “How The Whole30 Made Me Whole Again” you know I recently hit the big 4-0. I definitely started see more fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and none of the anti-aging products I was using were really helping. I had tried Arbonne’s RE9 line and Origin’s Plantscription line but was disappointed with the results…and the ingredients. I turned to Poofy’s Flawless Face  line and couldn’t be happier with the results or the clean, simple ingredients. I love the Flawless Face Daily Moisturizer as well as the Flawless Face PM . My skin looks and feels better than it has in a long time. I don’t even need tons of makeup anymore!

Rob's Poofy Favorites

Poofy Organics by StefM

Ruggedly Natural Wood & Citrus Deodorant:

I never thought I could use a natural deodorant and have it hold up to my sweat. When Stef made me try this deodorant, I was skeptical but it works! It keeps me dry all day and has a great manly smell. Whether I am at the gym or at work, I don’t have to worry about sweat and odor.

Poofy Organics by Your Whole30 Coach

Ruggedly Natural Shaving Gel:

This is the best shaving gel I have ever used. I am able to get a clean, close shave with no irritation. My razor is able to glide through my stubborn stubble with ease. My skin feels smooth and moisturized afterwards. I also like that it doesn’t have an overly perfumey smell.

Poofy Organics By Your Whole30 Coach

Rubology Hot & Cold Healing Liniment:

This is probably my overall favorite Poofy product. I use this product just about every single day! Whether I wake up with a stiff neck, work out too hard a the gym or have a headache, this cures it all instantly. I can’t really can’t believe its all natural and provides such powerful pain relief. I am a total baby when it comes to pain so I need immediate relief. This really does give me on the spot, instant pain relief!

Discover More Great Poofy organics Products!

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